empty array declarations

Craig S. Anderson csanders at amdcad.UUCP
Thu Oct 16 08:25:07 AEST 1986

In article <1370 at watmath.UUCP> rbutterworth at watmath.UUCP (Ray Butterworth) writes:
>If you really want to be daring, get rid of the "if (dimtab...!=0)"
>in the second change.  Then it will complain about things like
>   func(a)
>       char a[];
>   {
>which really should be "char *a".

That is only your opinion.  K&R states on page 95 that:
    "As formal parameters in a function definition,
	  char s[];
	  char *s;
are exactly eqivalent; which one should be written is determined largely
how expressions will be written in the function..."

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