Listing structs

John Tangney johnt at mmintl.UUCP
Wed Oct 22 07:24:55 AEST 1986

                 Debugging tool/C parser wanted

I need help in acquiring a tool which can be used to dump a 
struct at runtime; that is, list names and values of every 
member.  We are using Microsoft C 4.00 (in conjunction with 
Designer C++).

The names and types of struct members are only known at compile 
time.  Ideally, the compiler would make this information known, 
(by writing it to a separate file, embedding it in the object, 
etc) but the Microsoft compiler has no such facility.  

I could write a utility which will parse the struct definitions 
and extract the information needed for dumping structures.  That 
seems like quite a bit of work, and if I could get my hands on 
such a tool, (or even the source of a C compiler which I could 
modify) that task would be a lot easier.  (Creating tools is 
*part* of the project -- not a project in itself. :-) )

So, if either a ready-to-run tool, or pieces from which I can 
build one exist, please let me know by mail.

Thanks in advance


Multimate International, 52 Oakland Ave, East Hartford, CT 06108
phone: (203) 522-2116 (work)
       (203) 247-1140 (home)

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