Lint (was Re: enum function bug?)

Spencer W. Thomas thomas at utah-gr.UUCP
Thu Oct 2 03:53:34 AEST 1986

I once looked at the innards of our (4.2) lint, and concluded that it
does type matching on structure data types by comparing
	1. Length of the data item
	2. A hash of the data item's type name.

Thus, we have:

================ x.c ================
struct s
    char i[4];

struct s
    struct a;

    a.i[0] = 'a';
    return a;

================ y.c ================
struct s
    long a;

    struct s b, func();

    b = func();
    return 0;

Running 'lint x.c y.c' gives (!)


=Spencer   ({ihnp4,decvax}!utah-cs!thomas, thomas at utah-cs.ARPA)

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