Expression sequencing query

Bob Larson blarson at usc-oberon.UUCP
Wed Oct 1 18:39:00 AEST 1986

In article <8161 at watrose.UUCP> mdapoz at watrose.UUCP (Mark Dapoz) writes:
>In article <4230 at brl-smoke.ARPA> KLH at SRI-NIC.ARPA (Ken Harrenstien) writes:
>>Someone asked what other compilers produced for the expression:
>>	a = ((b=1),b) + ((b=2),b) + ((b=3),b);
Microware C 2.0 for os9/68k has correct answers for both int and register
int declarations of a and b.  In other words, a is between 6 and 9 inclusive
and b is between 1 and 3 inclusive.  (If anyone is curious, a happens to be
6 and b happens to be 3, but I don't see how this matters.)
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