Info request on ProDOS C Compilers

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Fri Oct 17 02:55:00 AEST 1986

> I am in need of a C compiler for the ProDOS operating system on an Apple II+.
> I'd really like Manx Aztec C, but it's a bit expensive.  Any information on
> a ProDOS-based C compiler would be appreciated -- what's available, how much
> does it cost, is it standard (is there such a thing? :-), etc.  Thanks.

Other than Aztec there is currently only one complete C Compiler for the
Apple // under ProDOS. It is called Hyper-C and is being marketed by
WSM Group, 1161 N. El Dorado Place, Suite 241, Tucson, AZ 85715, Phone (602)

Here is a description from their brochure:

K&R standard, including Bit Fields. Extensions include var-type parameters,
bitsets, enumeration types, anchored variables, separate struct name spaces,
nested functions, direct struct and array assignment, and direct argument
passing of structs, arrays, and functions.

The Professional Version costs $99.95, and while I have not used it myself,
a friend of mine (who is much more experienced anyway) has, and says it's
a very complete package.

Apart from this, there are a couple of Small-C compilers out there, i.e. from
the people who sell the ORCA assembler.

Apple Computer is working on a C compiler for the //GS, but I don't think it
will generate 8-bit code, and anyway, it's not ready yet.
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