Must casting destroy lvalueness?

Chris Torek chris at umcp-cs.UUCP
Wed Oct 29 08:39:40 AEST 1986

>In article <657 at dg_rtp.UUCP> throopw at dg_rtp.UUCP (Wayne Throop) writes:
>>                (*((some_type **)&p))++

In article <55 at cartan.Berkeley.EDU> desj at brahms (David desJardins) writes:
>... the point is that casts of pointers *don't* convert.

Yes they do, and Wayne Throop has to know it:  His machine does
indeed convert.  `char *' is 48 bits; `int *' is 32 bits.  DG
machines use word pointers, except when dealing with bytes.
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