Arthur David Olson ado at elsie.UUCP
Tue Oct 21 13:59:16 AEST 1986

Sorry if this has gone around before.

With the Reiser cpp, you can (and "/usr/include/sys/tty.h" does)
	#define	CTRL(c)	('c'&037)
so that a line such as
turns into

With ANSI cpp, if you keep the define as above and have a line such as
it turns into
which isn't what's wanted.

One possibility is to establish a new macro,
	#define Ctrl(c) ((c)&037)
and change all uses such as
into uses such as

But. . .is there a way to write an ANSI cpp version of
	#define CTRL(c)
that will work like the old Reiser version?  If you know,
please mail me the answer.  Thanks.
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