Block Initialization; structs and sizeof

Mark Brader msb at dciem.UUCP
Sat Oct 18 02:30:42 AEST 1986

Perry Smith (pedz at bobkat.UUCP) writes:
> In article <1971 at dciem.UUCP> msb at dciem.UUCP (Mark Brader) says that in
> effect (&variable + sizeof(variable) > &nextvariable) is possible.

This should, of course, be ((char *) &variable + sizeof(variable) >
(char *) &nextvariable).  I'm not saying that Perry doesn't know this,
since he said "in effect", but just reminding anyone who might be fooled.

> While I understand his argument and reasoning, I hope that this is not
> true.

Agreed.  And no one has yet come forth to say that it is true on their
machine, so maybe it is in fact never true.

Mark Brader

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