Block Initialization; structs and sizeof

Mark Brader msb at dciem.UUCP
Thu Oct 16 05:14:36 AEST 1986


I wrote:
>	struct str {int i; char c;} arr[2], sca;
>	char buf;
> The most recent ANSI draft that I've examined specifies that if sizeof is
> applied to a structure type, the result is the size of such a structure
> including any trailing padding that would be necessary in an array of
> such structures. ...

> However, the scalar struct sca is not required to have [the] padding.
> ... Thus some compilers may decide to economize
> on storage and place another variable, say buf, [where it would be] ...

According to mail from Larry Rosler, this has been fixed, and the current
draft reads:

# There may also be unnamed padding at the end of a structure,
# as necessary to achieve the appropriate alignment WERE the
# structure to be a member of an array.  [Emphasis added]

He has suggested that the definition of sizeof be simplified to remove
the "that would be necessary..." part, which is now redundant.

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