Disappearing function call

Frank Adams franka at mmintl.UUCP
Mon Oct 6 10:17:35 AEST 1986

In article <357 at cullvax.UUCP> drw at cullvax.UUCP writes:
>What I want to do is to write a function call of a variable number of
>	debug(x, y, z, ...)
>that will generate no code when the symbol DEBUG is not defined, but
>generate a call of some function (say, debug_()) when it is.

Here's a possibility which is slightly ugly, as all the others are, but the
ugliness is in a different place.  Write:

#ifdef DEBUG
#define debug(a) debug_ a
#define debug(a)

Now, write your debug statements with an extra pair of parentheses:

   debug((x, y, z, ...));

I'm not necessarily recommending this; it's just an idea.

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