A replacement for curses (Re: Abusing `curses' WINDOW structure)

Doug Gwyn gwyn at brl-smoke.ARPA
Wed Oct 22 01:57:44 AEST 1986

In article <2859 at pegasus.UUCP> hansen at pegasus.UUCP (62545457-Tony L. Hansen;LZ 3B-315;6243) writes:
>The Vr3 curses was made much faster, and you should see how slick (fast and
>small!) the Vr3.1 version of curses is. When this version of curses becomes
>available, I can see no reason for wanting to write one's editor on top of
>anything else.

It sounds nice, but I'm afraid that it will see relatively little use
until and unless SVR3.1 has a more sensible licensing policy.  Many
vendors decided not to license SVR3.0 due to the silly SVID clause.
Perhaps you're in a position to recommend a change in this?

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