Microport and SCO Xenix Memory Managment Problems

Andrew Sharpe andrew at amdahl.UUCP
Wed Oct 22 03:48:41 AEST 1986

In article <646 at chinet.UUCP>, ignatz at chinet.UUCP (ignatz) writes:
> Memory allocation problems exist with both Microport and the SCO Xenix
> compiler, kids   ....
> Also, as for the Microport version, the result of sbrk(0) is
> not truly indicative of anything more than a marker for the previous
> memory location.

This is not quite correct. The System V/286 version (for sbrk(0) in large
model) will return a memory location that is the _beginning_ of the next
segment, so that the pointer may be remembered and used later after an

Now, Microport is supposed to be using System V/286. This is how it works
in the System V/286 kernel, available from AT&T. If Microport has changed
the behavior of brk() and sbrk(), that's a shame, because we worked very
hard (in conjunction with AT&T) to make the memory management of
SystemV/286 act (as much as possible) like the VAX. This was one of the
charters of the 286 sanctioned port.

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