curses replacement

Guido van Rossum guido at mcvax.uucp
Tue Oct 21 20:30:55 AEST 1986

In an article over two weeks old, I mentioned that I had a "replacement
for curses" and was willing to offer the source.  Some replies arrived,
but I was not able to respond to all.  In reply to you all: I am going
to mail this to the mod.sources moderator, so (hoepfully) in two weeks
everybody will see this source.

NOTE: although this it is advertised as a curses replacement, it is not
a (PD or otherwise) curses re-implementation.  It is a package for
terminal-independent screen I/O, based on termcap, with an application
interface that is totally different from curses (the specs were posted
in the announcing article).

P.S.: the announcement was in the first place intended to start a
discussion about the ideal interface for such a package.  I received 0
(zero, nil, null, NO) reponses.  Is nobody here interested in improving
the world anymore, only in grabbing what they can?

	Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <guido at mcvax.uucp>

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