What are some style standards? How do I get Indian Hill Style Sheet?

Don Steiny steiny at scc.UUCP
Sun Oct 5 07:43:54 AEST 1986


	I have having more people work for me on ever large software
projects.    I have always been non-judgemental about style figuring
that if it works, who am I to say what is right or wrong?   As nice
as it sounds, there are practical considerations like portability,
maintainability, and enhanceabilty that creep up and bit me since
I have made no rules.

	In a few months I will be starting my biggest project yet
involving four or more people for several months.    Before we
get started I want to make LAWS.    I want to switch from anarchy 
to totalitarianism, as it were.   I plan to develop my own 
guidelines, but I am looking to find other style manuals.

	I recall the Indian Hill Style Sheet (or something like that)
several years ago.     Would someone send me that?    Does anyone
have any ideas about other guidelines that would be helpful?

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Santa Cruz, Calif. 95060
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