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Wed Oct 15 04:08:29 AEST 1986

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>> I find that the Three Holy Documents of C (K&R, H&S, the draft ANSI
>> standard) are a little muddy on this point,

> If the "standard language definition" is ambiguous, then it isn't a
> definition.  Have them clean up the definition.  In this case, having an
> answer is much more important than which answer you have.

If you can find me a definition of *anything* (in English, of comparable
complexity to a general purpose computer programming language) which is
unambiguous, then I'll eat the manual this description printed in.
Applying this overly rigid restriction on the meaning of "definition", I
doubt you can find a "definition" of any programming language at all.

However, in a suitable diluted form, I agree with David's point.  On the
other hand, I do think that progress is being made.  H&S is clearer than
K&R on this point, and the draft ANSI C standard is clearer still.

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