Signed char - What Foolishness Is This!

Dave Tweten tweten at AMES-PRANDTL.ARPA
Tue Oct 21 09:16:27 AEST 1986

From: Brent Chapman <chapman at>

	In article <8719 at duke.duke.UUCP> jwg at duke.UUCP (Jeffrey William Gillette) writes:
	>MSC 4.0 defaults 'char' to 'signed char'.  

	[ it defaulted to 'unsigned char' in previous versions of MSC -- Brent]

My, are we confused!  As it turns out, Microsoft C version 3.0 defaulted
char to signed char, and version 4.0 defaults it to unsigned, exactly
the opposite of the claimed situation.  I can't quote the version 4.0
manual (it's at home), but the version 3.0 "Language Reference" manual
says (on page 46):

	Type		Storage		Range of Values (Internal)
	char		1 byte		-128 to 127
	unsigned char	1 byte		0 to 255

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