"If it has a bug, it isn't 'C'"

Gary M. Samuelson garys at bunker.UUCP
Thu Oct 2 03:58:01 AEST 1986

In article X, someone (doesn't matter who -- I think several
people have done the same thing) writes:

>Then it isn't a C compiler...

This is rapidly becoming one of my pet peeves.  It seems that it is
with increasing frequency that I see comments to the effect that if
a C compiler has a bug, then it isn't a C compiler.  This is pedantic;
by that reasoning, there isn't a C compiler in the world, and probably
never will be.  Why not just say, "Your compiler has a bug," instead
of, "Your compiler isn't a C compiler."

My compiler has a "feature."
Yours has a "bug."
His isn't even C.

Gary Samuelson

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