calculating leap years

Ron Natalie <ron> ron at brl-sem.ARPA
Sun Oct 12 14:37:30 AEST 1986

In article <813 at ethos.UUCP>, ggw at ethos.UUCP (Gregory Woodbury) writes:
> The programs may not "need" to handle the dates beyond that 20 year interval
> but when the programs that are being written now hit the end of the century
> there are going to be a lot of installations and programs that are going
> to be suprised come "March 1" to see the computer say "Feb 28, 2000".
Eh?  You mean Feb 29?  Any computer that doesn't get the 28th right is really
> I had modified the comm system
> date routines to handle the 2000 non-leap year.
The year 2000 is a leap year.  Your code was more correct when it wasn't


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