Signed char - What Foolishness Is This!

John Plocher plocher at
Sun Oct 19 08:21:43 AEST 1986

guy at sun.UUCP respondes to another poster about ctype macros
and characters on the IBM PC with the 8th bit set:
>> 1)      Do other C compilers make 'char' a signed quantity by default?
>I presume, by the way, that "isupper(<u-umlaut>)" is intended to return 0
>and "isupper(<U-umlaut>)" is intended to return 1.  If Microsoft didn't put
>the extended character set into the "ctype" tables, the way that the
>indexing is done is irrelevant.

  I hope you both remember that isANYTHING(x) is only defined to work
if isascii(x) is true!  isascii(u-umlaut) is FALSE!  Thus, isupper(u-umlaut)
does not NEED to work.
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