Microsoft C: an unsolicited testimonial

wilson at omepd.UUCP wilson at omepd.UUCP
Tue Oct 28 10:50:11 AEST 1986

Our group at Intel has recently completed porting about 35,000 lines of
VAX/UN*X code to the PC/AT using Microsoft C, version 4.  We had the usual
fun with longs and ints; learned that you need to be careful to declare
huge pointers properly; found that their implementation of stdio does not
handle writing the same file concurrently on different streams correctly
(not too surprising...); but found *no errors at all* in the compiler.

Every other piece of microcomputer software should work this well.
What a wonderful, wonderful world it would be....

Andy Wilson
Intel Corp., MS JF1-58
Hillsboro, OR. 97123
.. tektronix!ogcvax!inteloa!omepd!wilson

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