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Doug Gwyn gwyn at brl-smoke.ARPA
Sun Mar 15 06:49:08 AEST 1987

In article <902 at cullvax.UUCP> drw at cullvax.UUCP (Dale Worley) writes:
>...  Sign!  Another ambiguity in X3J11.

This issue was pointed out in a public review comment and is
being addressed for the next published draft proposed standard.


It now appears that the next review will not start until around
November 1987, several months later than X3J11 were hoping for.
(We received too many last-minute comments to deal with in last
week's meeting, and several committee members will not be at the
June meeting in Paris, so the September 1987 meeting is probably
the one that will approve the next public review draft.  We're
hoping we will have addressed all deficiencies pointed out
during the first public review, which officially ended 7 March,
so that no substantive changes will be required next time around.)
This implies that there will not be an official American National
Standard for C until some time in 1988.

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