X3J11: Why no labelled loops?

john at viper.UUCP john at viper.UUCP
Tue Mar 3 05:00:47 AEST 1987

Frank, I -really- like the idea of being able to find the address of a label.
There is only one problem I can think of....  You have to come up with
a construct for doing an indirect goto...  Your example gives a good answer
to this...
  Your solution gives an answer which is consistant with all known (known by
me anyway) implementations, corrects a minor inconsistancy in the general
semantics of the language (if you can do it with functions, then -why-not-
labels too?), and is easily implemented on all machines I know of (more than

  There are several potential programming situations where I could see a real
use for this capability and would like to hear a response on this from any
members of the ANSI committiee on C.

John Stanley (john at viper.UUCP)
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