Has anyone got ROGUE to work on an AT&T 3B2/300?

jdc at osupyr.UUCP jdc at osupyr.UUCP
Sat Mar 14 03:28:33 AEST 1987

	Has anyone out there got the recent Rogue to run on an AT&T 3B2/300
System V.2?  Mine compiled fine.  However, when attacked by a monster my
machine dumps the core.   I hope the following will help!

$ sdb rogue

Warning: `rogue' not compiled with -g
0x808002c0 in monster_hit:405: }
401: 	damage = get_w_damage(weapon);
402: 	damage += damage_for_strength();
403: 	damage += ((((rogue.exp + ring_exp) - r_rings) + 1) / 2);
404: 	return(damage);
405: }
*monster_hit(-2138528136,0,0)   [hit.c]
mv_monster(-2138528136,12,12)   [monster.c]
move_monsters()   [monster.c]
register_move()   [move.c]
single_move_rogue(104,1)   [move.c]
play_level()   [play.c]
main(1,-1073610508,-1073610500)   [main.c]


ROGUE_OBJS = hit.o init.o inventory.o level.o main.o \
    message.o monster.o move.o object.o pack.o play.o random.o ring.o \
    room.o save.o score.o special_hit.o throw.o trap.o use.o zap.o

rogue: $(ROGUE_OBJS)
	cc -g $(ROGUE_OBJS) -lcurses -o rogue

Thank you in advance,

James D. Corder

ps	It worked fine on BSD.  I did include Mr. Burke's changes for SYS V.

pss	Sorry if this got posted twice!

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