Pointer Comparison and Portability

john at viper.UUCP john at viper.UUCP
Mon Mar 2 19:21:11 AEST 1987

In article <2000 at mmintl.UUCP> franka at mmintl.UUCP (Frank Adams) writes:
 >>john at viper.UUCP (John Stanley) writes:
 >>> The byte of memory addressed by q[0] and p[17] would
 >>> be the exact same byte, ...............
 >Actually, of course, it is p[16] which is equal to q[0], and &p[17] which is
 >not a correct pointer.  Isn't zero-based array indexing wonderful? (:-)

But Frank, haven'y you heard?  Intel is switching all future 80x86 chips
to seperate their segments by 17 bytes to expand the addressing space....

  (just kiding... ;^)

Frank is, of course, correct...  (boy, is my face red...)

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