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Steven E. Rice, P.E. stever at videovax.Tek.COM
Fri Mar 6 04:00:41 AEST 1987

In article <7700 at utzoo.UUCP>, henry at utzoo.UUCP (Henry Spencer) writes:

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> Why so?  I know of at least one language which explicitly says, right up
> front, that no such assumptions are allowed and the compiler is free to
> short-circuit anything it pleases.  This will affect programming style in
> small ways (in my view for the better), but it's not an unthinkable heresy.
> The language in question is Bliss, which has been quite successful in its
> limited niche.

> . . .

I have never used Bliss, but I *now* understand the reason for the cutesy
saying I have seen in some .signatures:

                         Bliss is ignorance!

					Steve Rice

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