How to get Ada private types in C

bzs at bu-cs.UUCP bzs at bu-cs.UUCP
Wed Mar 11 17:50:36 AEST 1987

Yes, your program certainly works, amazing what people will find,
very interesting.

One problem is, try:


in the test program. I get an Unknown size error on the compilation.

This leads me to believe that although you could do something with
this it's probably just exploiting a missing error check in the
compiler caused by the need to "trust" forward references to struct
pointers or something like that. A bug I guess.

Ooops, that was on a SUN3. My Encore just barfs all over your original
example (I'm pretty sure they're using a green hills compiler, not a
pcc derivitive.) I think the ice is getting very thin.

	-Barry Shein, Boston University

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