B*-tree subroutines wanted

rossiter at batcomputer.UUCP rossiter at batcomputer.UUCP
Fri Mar 13 05:02:22 AEST 1987

I'm looking for a good database subroutine package, callable from C, for the
IBM PC.  I'd like a B*-tree implementation with variable-length records.
(The model I have in mind is the data struture used in MUMPS, if any of you
are familiar with it).  Public domain or commercial are both ok, as long as
the subroutines work and are supported.
Please email information to me; if there is enough interest I will summarize.
David Rossiter / CS Dep't / Cornell University / Ithaca / NY / 14850 / USA
{uw-beaver,ihnp4,decvax,vax135}!cornell!rossiter (UUCP)
rossiter at svax.cs.cornell.edu (ARPAnet) ; rossiter at CRNLCS (BITNET)

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