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Richard Tobin richard at aiva.ed.ac.uk
Sun Jan 31 05:47:01 AEST 1988

In article <1131 at jenny.cl.cam.ac.uk> am at cl.cam.ac.uk (Alan Mycroft) writes:
>Even more problematic:  has anyone on the ANSI committee tried
>writing a STRICTLY CONFORMING program which accurately prints cpu time
>(a la clock()) to a file (say in centi-secs or to 2 decimal places)?
>Perhaps printf("%t", (time_t)...)?
>The trouble is that time_t may be either integral or floating.

Hmmm... I haven't got a standard handy, so maybe I'm missing something,
but how about:
	int time_is_floating;
	time_t t;

	time_is_floating = (t = 1.5, t > 1);


Ok, so it's a hack.

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