Free Turbo C upgrade clarification

Russ Nelson nelson at
Mon Jan 11 07:10:50 AEST 1988

In article <101 at pasteur.Berkeley.Edu> davidg at swindle.UUCP (David Gaertner) writes:
>Apparently the rumor that TC 1.5 is now shipping is just that, a rumor.
Interesting...  How do you explain my ownership of TC 1.5 then?  The upgrade
amounts to $38.50 (including $5 shipping).  We get all Borland products via
the "Scholar's Program", which gets us them for about the same price.  Our
service center sells them for $40 + $2.80 tax.  Since the difference in cost
for a new version of TC 1.5 was only $4, and we *had* TC 1.5 in stock (we have
since run out), and the upgrade delay was five weeks, I opted for a new copy.

Copied of Borland products sold via the Scholar's Program must be used in
a course curriculum.  Contact Borland for details.

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