= vs ==, and do 10 i = 1.3

John Campbell jdc at naucse.UUCP
Thu Jan 28 10:12:37 AEST 1988

In article <567 at tuvie>, rcvie at tuvie (ELIN Forsch.z.) writes:
> In article <887 at micomvax.UUCP> ray at micomvax.UUCP (Ray Dunn) writes:
> >...
> >Indentation is IGNORED by Lint and the compiler, ...
> >...
> Perhaps you try a better lint! We use Gimpel's ...

Ok! Hold it!  Can someone summarize all available lint's?  I thought
there was a pcc based lint that some netters have been passing mods around
for and a few commercial lints and that was it.  Has lint been collecting
unnoticed?  Especially, who is writing gnulint (anybody)?

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