Timer driven functions

Barnacle Wes wes at obie.UUCP
Sat Jan 30 20:54:14 AEST 1988

In article <5080017 at hpfcdc.HP.COM>, boemker at hpfcdc.HP.COM (Tim Boemker) writes:
> > asjoshi at phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Amit S. Joshi)
> > I want to have a piece of code (written in TurboC) to
> > be installed as an interrupt such that after a certain number of clock
> > ticks the code is executed.
> I don't know the architecture of your particular machine, but on many machines
> interrupts are different than subroutines...

Turbo C has a lot of special features designed for handling interrupts
on the PC.  Terry Lambert and others at Century Software (SLC UT) have
written quite a bit of polling code for MS-DOS while developing 'Term'
for DOS.  Try sending mail to him; he might be able to give you some
pointers without giving away Century's code and making his boss angry.


Tell him Wes sent you.

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