Computer aided s/w engineering

Renu Raman, Sun Microsystems ram%shukra at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 31 02:09:00 AEST 1988

>I'd like to summarize netland experience with CASE ( computer assisted
      I have always wondered at the use of this term. [P. note - this
      is not a slander/cricticism of mike's use of the term - so hold
      your flames].  

      CASE - Computer Aided Software Engineering
      Software Engineering - Tools & techniques that aid in better use
			     of COmputers.

      The use of COmputer AIded seems to be overkill.

      So, what do we call people who did SE (Software Engineering) without
      the aid of computers and do SE with Computers now?

	 Ex-CUSE - Ex Computer unaided software engineer:-)

Excuse Renu [Yeah! hold the falmes and excuse me].
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