Stephen the Greatest schung at cory.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Jan 29 07:30:07 AEST 1988

	I was recently trying to compile the GNU C++ (g++) and
	came up with some undefined functions (or macros?) in
	ld.c.  The two symbols:

	are not defined in <a.out.h>; only N_TXTOFF(x) etc. are
	defined.  I am not sure why they put it in there, but
	anybody who can shed light on this?

	Also, I successfully compiled g++, c++, gnulib+,
	crt0+.o, crt1+.o, cpp+, but NOT ld+.  However, the
	compiler seems to run without ld+ and gives an a.out
	file.  Seems that the ld process was spawned instead
	of ld+ when I looked at it in ps.  The a.out gave me
	a core dump.

					- Stephen

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