C binding interfaces for TCP/IP

David Robinson david at elroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov
Sun Jan 31 15:16:53 AEST 1988

In article <2168 at cognos.UUCP>, jimp at cognos.uucp (Jim Patterson) writes:
> While I've studied these protocols a bit, I don't have any direct
> experience with them. I also don't know if anyone has implemented
> them on VAX/VMS systems (but I suspect that this has been done).
> You might contact Sun Microsystems to get more information about
> RPC and XDR.

I have ported them to work on VMS running Network Research's FUSION
TCP/IP package.  It was an easy port because the support a BSD
style interface.  I have ported  some RPC based services from Suns
with little difficulty to VMS, problems were mostly with VMS C.

I know of someone who partially ported it to
the VMS Excelan TCP/IP but with considerable difficulty and it didn't
work well because Excelan only provides a VMS QIO interface that is
based on 4.1BSD networking.

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