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Sat Jan 23 14:09:39 AEST 1988

In article <551 at cresswell.quintus.UUCP>, ok at quintus.UUCP (Richard A. O'Keefe) writes:
> Trying several values of N in
> 	main() { exit(N); }
> and	main() { return N; }
> I found that *none* of them resulted in any message from DCL;
> *all* of them produced a quiet exit.  {But the return code was
> available to DCL for inspection, and perror() does plausible things.}
I have VMS version 4.4, running C version 2.2.  When I do an exit(0);,
I get the message that I posted. (The No message for this message
message).  In the 2.2 manual, section 22.1.2, it says that the
value is returned to DCL "and a message is displayed".  I guess that
Version 2.3 fixes this problem.

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