Power (Re: all those :-)

Dave Sill dsill at NSWC-OAS.arpa
Fri Jan 29 02:23:20 AEST 1988

In article <175 at piring.cwi.nl> Varol Akman <varol at cwi.nl> writes:
>A programmer likes to have anything that is conceptually easy to have
>under his/her thumb.  To me any language without power function is only
>a toy for wimps.

[Assuming "operator" was meant, not "function".]

If you can specify a power operator that makes everyone happy, then
fine, do it.

You'll need to define the operator itself, the assignment form of the
operator, the precedence of the operator, the semantics of the
operator including the types it operates on (float, int,
positive/negative), range, domain, et cetera.  From the discussion
recently on this topic it should be clear that most of us don't have
this "under our thumbs".

Meanwhile leave us wimps and our toy language alone.

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