a comprehensible standard

Doug Gwyn gwyn at brl-smoke.ARPA
Sat Jan 30 04:46:14 AEST 1988

In article <341 at fig.bbn.com> rsalz at fig.bbn.com (Rich Salz) writes:
>In article <7181 at brl-smoke.ARPA> gwyn at brl-smoke.ARPA (Doug Gwyn ) writes:
>-The issue of difficulty in implementing the specifications correctly
>-doesn't bother me much. ...
>it's not just implementors who will need to understand it, ...

Ahh, I was responding to the difficulty-of-implementation issue,
not to the difficulty-of-understanding issue.  There is of course
some correlation between the two, but they are not the same issue.

I suspect even fewer people could provide a decent implementation
of Algol than of C, but I think it's easier to understand..

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