comp.numeric deferred; try Stanford NA list

Greg Woods woods at
Thu Jan 28 09:47:34 AEST 1988

In article <40114 at sun.uucp> dgh%dgh at Sun.COM (David Hough) writes:
>In particular the Numerical Analysis mailing list at Stanford
>was suggested as an alternative by many people, most of whom
>know it by the name "sci.math.num-analysis" by which it is
>available at some sites.

  I don't know about anywhere else, but while the newsgroup for
sci.math.num-analysis exists here (we are an Internet site and should
be getting the inet distribution) there are rarely any articles in it.
If the mailing list *is* being gatewayed into the newsgroup, it is broken
somewhere between here and the gateway point. Where is the gateway? I would
like to see this get fixed because there is a lot of interest in that topic
at our site.

>	na.problem at

  This is a hideous address to use. There should NEVER be periods in the local
part of an address. Many mailers will be confused by this. The user name
(the part to the left of the @-sign) should be a single token. Maybe THAT'S
why we never see any articles! :-)


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