Noalias considered unreadable, let alone a bad idea

Benjamin G. Golding jal at
Thu Jan 28 02:00:58 AEST 1988

In article <583 at cresswell.quintus.UUCP>, ok at quintus.UUCP (Richard A. O'Keefe) writes:
> I have tried several times to read the description of 'noalias' that
> was posted here.  I couldn't.  Maybe it's just me, [...]

No, it's not just you - I am having just as much trouble.

I consider myself an average C programmer (some people will disagree
with this) and I tend to find myself writing less new code and
maintaining more that written by others; I seem to remember reading
that this is what most programmers do ("The Psychology of Computer
Programming" by Weinberg).

What I am worried about is changing someone else's code where they have
used "noalias" and inadvertantly creating a heck of a lot of trouble
for myself.  When I add this to the fact that I am unlikely to ever use
this "feature," it just doesn't seem worth a damn thing.  If you want
to do vectorisation, do it properly - don't just tag it onto an
existing language and lumber its users with the complexity.

	Ben Golding.
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