MSC 5.0 Bugs, Microsoft ``support''

Daniel A. Norton nortond at killer.UUCP
Sat Jan 30 21:19:27 AEST 1988

In article <248 at pyuxf.UUCP> robf2 at pyuxf.UUCP (robert fair) writes:
>I recently bought the MSC 5.0 Optimizing Compiler on the strength of
>Microsoft's ads.

Pretty slick ads, eh?

>I followed Microsoft's directions for support, submitting test programs
>showing the problem etc, and asking for an update.

I saved time and phoned them directly about my problem.  Before I
told them what the problem was, I asked if they would provide
me a fix if I found something new.  They declined and I did not
tell them about the bug.

>So here I am having spent several $000 on a compiler which does not
>perform as advertised and the manufacturer refuses to fix.
>Does anyone have any suggestions where to go from here ? 

Yes.  Please tell the rest of us on the network about the problem.
At least we can work around these bugs if we know about them.
In your report, however, include a restrictive copyright notice
particularly restricting Microsoft from using the report for internal
use and bug-fixing.  These bug reports are of very high commercial value
to Microsoft.  It does not seem like a fair trade to report a bug to
them and have them turn around and profit by it without renumeration
to the person who spent time diagnosing the problem.

A month or so ago, I reported a bug in a MSC intrinsic which included
such a copyright notice.  If anyone has information which suggests
that Microsoft or an employee of Microsoft has violated the license
agreement, please inform me.

>I feel that Microsoft got me to buy MSC under false pretenses, since their
>ad's claimed features which don't work, and Msoft refuses to make them work.
>I know Msoft  has a lousy reputation for support - if there are other
>people out there with the same feelings as me maybe its time for
>a group lawsuit. ...

I would be interested in participating in such a "class-action" suit,
but I am ignorant of such legal options.  Anyone in
care to comment?
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