atan2 in Aztec C

Scot Kleinman sjk at utastro.UUCP
Fri Feb 17 11:57:20 AEST 1989

I'm working with Aztec C 3.6a on an Amiga 1000 and recently wanted
to use the atan2 function instead of atan.  My problem however, was that I
couldn't figure out where this function was.  I tried linking with m, m8
and something else, but if I got the linker past atan2, it barfed at the
other math functions I was using. The manual offered little help in this
matter, telling me all math functions are in either m.lib or m8.lib.  

I'm sure it's something simple, could somebody please enlighten me as to 
what I should do to make this function accessible to my programs?


sjk at
Thanks a million! - Phil Alvin

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