lint won't verify printf formatting against variable types??

Ken Arromdee arrom at
Fri Jun 30 15:54:46 AEST 1989

if (f1(a)) /* do nothing */ ;
else if (f2(a)) {
	/* some code */
} else if (f3(a)) {
	/* some code */
} else if (f4(a)) {
	/* some code */

Now suppose that f1 through f4 are all conceptually related.  Claim: this
is clearer than the other way (with f2, f3, f4 all inside an if (!f1(a))).
Or at least, if it's not obviously clearer, it's not obviously unclear
either and can be considered a legitimate use of "if (condition) ;".
(Of course it should always be commented though.)
"The fact is self evident from the text and requires no supporting argument."
  --Tim Maroney

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