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Eli Marmor marmor at bimacs.BITNET
Wed Jun 7 22:00:25 AEST 1989

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>>We have a complicated program (for PC) which uses Btrieve. We are porting it
>>to other OS's and machines, so we have to emulate Btrieve by
>>another database library source (in C), because the original one was written
>>in Assembly (8086).
>The obvious answer seems to be to use the Novell BTreive module for the
>operating system you are using.  It is available in several environments
>such as SCO Xenix and DOS and networking.  Several others that we do not
>use ourselves.

The language in which BTrieve was written (8086 Assembly) doesn't prevent
it from running on another OS, ON INTEL MACHINES of course !!!
Novell has a version for Xenix, but ONLY for 80X86 family.
There is no version for other machines, because Assembly is not portable.

        Thanks. I'm waiting for more answers.
                                Eli Marmor

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