HELP (CodeView of MSC 5.0)

J.X. Yih jxy7070 at
Sun Apr 29 19:42:26 AEST 1990

Dear netters:

	I have used MSC 5.0 for more than 1.8 years.  But I never got
	such a problem...

	I bought a new computer 5.7 months ago.  Everytime I want to
	debug my program by using CV, it just pulls down the "search"
	window immediately and stops forever.  (I mean I must RESET my
	computer by Ctrl-Alt-Del)  Can any expert there help me?  And
	the configuration of my computer is as follows:

		80286 AT
		2 par ports (with a printer)
		2 ser ports (with a 2400 modem on COM 1)
			    (without mouse)
		1.2 MB  disk driver X 1
		1.44 MB disk driver X 1
		20  MB  hard disk   X 1
		12/8 MHz
		MSC 5.0

	Any help will be greatly appreciated.

						June-Shyan Yih

						jxy7070 at

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