C on PS-2/MS-DOS

Bob Stout Bob.Stout at p6.f506.n106.z1.fidonet.org
Fri Apr 13 12:59:24 AEST 1990

Mix Power C is a pretty decent ANSI C compiler which sells direct from Mix  
Software in Dallas for $19.95. An additional $30 will add their Power Trace  
symbolic debugger and complete library source with a bundled assembler. Mix's  
primary market is education and its 400+ page user's guide contains about the  
best beginner's tutorial bundled with any compiler. The compiler itself is  
decent, but no world-beater (what do you expect for $20?) It only supports a  
single 80x86 memory model and compiles quickly enough to produce generally  
quick but not particularly compact code. It's best performance comes in its  
floating point code where performance can often challenge Watcom. 

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