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Sat Apr 7 21:55:03 AEST 1990

In article <10289 at> oesterle at (Shawn H. Oesterle) writes:
>        Swap two pointers without using a third pointer.
>        Two numbers may be swaped without using any other memory by executing
>        the following statements:
>        int x, y;       /* or you can chose double, long, etc. */
>        x += y;
>        y = x - y;
>        x -= y;

Well, I'd never have thought of it, thanks. Might be useful when
programming the i8051. As for the pointers swap, I suppose you
can't do the same because you need an integer in the middle. Maybe
a cast will save you, but is it worth it (or portable?).

I used to design nuclear reactors and you should see the code that
engineers and scientists come up with. Yuuuck! Spaghetti everywhere.
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