Yet another bug in TURBO C 2.0

Leo Hinds leoh at
Tue Apr 10 05:43:19 AEST 1990

In article <15080003 at hpfinote.HP.COM> pnl at hpfinote.HP.COM (Peter Lim) writes:
>This brings back old memory of bugs in Turbo C 1.0. <text deleted>
>One of the most famous bug was the floating point division which gives
>wrong results ! Can't remember the exact detail though .....

I remember this one :-) ... the results I was getting were quite flakey, so I
reduced the test to a=3/4 (in TC1.0, a=1.333) and b=4/3 (in TC1.0, b=.75) 
... nothing like a free inversion!

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