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Tue Apr 10 06:57:06 AEST 1990

In article <28742 at cup.portal.com> Chewbacca at cup.portal.com (Paul Frederick Snively) writes:
>brnstnd at stealth.acf.nyu.edu writes:
>>> Also what is object oriented programming?
>>The latest name that young urban computer science types have applied to the
>>old idea of adding another level of indirection to function calls.
>At best this definition is grossly naive and misinformed; at worst it is just
>plain wrong.
>There doesn't seem to be a "definitive" description of the fundamentals of
>object-oriented programming, so the best that I can do is to provide you with
>a list of the things that come to my mind when I happen to think of object-
>oriented programming:
>* Encapsulation (the association of data with the procedures that operate on
>  them), whether rigidly enforced or not.
Who says encapsulation cannot be provided by functions?

>* Inheritance (the notion that these combinations of data and procedures can
>  be described as increasing specializations of their ancestors, e.g. an AVL
>  tree might be a specialization of a binary tree, which in turn might be a
>  specialization of a tree, etc.  Many object-oriented systems use terms like
>  class, superclass, and subclass to refer to this relationship).
Block structure (lexical scoping in newspeak) can provide some of these too.

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