Is it time for comp.lang.c.dos?

Blair P. Houghton bph at buengc.BU.EDU
Wed Apr 11 03:22:35 AEST 1990

In article <217 at> dave at (David P. Schaumann) writes:
>> In article <W+Q2+T1xds13 at> peter at (Peter da Silva) writes:
>>>In my arrogant opinion...
>>>this discussion no longer has any bearing on comp.lang.c.
>Perhaps you have noticed many already do put some flags in the subject line
>like "TC bug" or "farmalloc".  Once you learn to recognize all the magic
>words that mean Three Initial Corperation, all you need to do is exercise
>your 'n' key.

Or do this in your kill-file (or whatever your news-reading software


I'm sure there are others you can think of...

				  "Now let's not get personal..."

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