Help wanted: unbuffered stdin??

Lucio de Re lucio at proxima.UUCP
Sat Apr 7 22:46:26 AEST 1990

In article <426 at sheoak.bcae.oz> 732113 at sheoak.bcae.oz (732113) writes:
>How can single characters be read from standard input without having to
>wait for a newline?
>I'm trying to write an improved editor, and I can't even start without
>this information.

You deserve flaming for this! There are as many answers as there are
"C" libraries, how is anyone to tell which answer you want? I'll mail
you a solution if you let me know which of Unix or MSDOS you want the
answer for (I can't vouch for other operating systems) as I am too
lazy to cater for both worlds (and I also don't really like too many

I used to design nuclear reactors and you should see the code that
engineers and scientists come up with. Yuuuck! Spaghetti everywhere.
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